We exist to facilitate a space where we, as women, can grow to BE the full expression of who we are, image-bearers of God.

We want to invite God to teach us about the HOPE we have in Him. We want to give Him access to our most intimate feelings of being ALONE. We want to ask Him to help us understand our IDENTITY in Christ. We want to allow the Spirit to bring a RENEWAL to our hearts.

We are a bi-monthly gathering of women where we will: Connect, Worship, Teach / Be Taught, Breakout in Small Groups, Pray, Go Forth in Exercising Growth.

Questions? Email us at: be@churchofthecity.com

2018 Schedule

We’re taking a break this month – join us in August!
Co-Ed Worship & Prayer Night
August 20 | 7PM
Cohn Learning Center
“As women if we minimize our gifts, hush our voice, and stay small in a misguided attempt to fit a weak and culturally conditioned standard of femininity, we cannot give our brothers the partner they require in God’s mission of the world.” – Sarah Bessey
The conversation that we have been having is just as important for men to be a part of as it is for women. As we move into the second half of the year and pray over the spaces God has for us to occupy, we pray for our voices to be loud and bold, and for the other women in our BE community to know their worth and continue to follow God’s call. We are inviting men into this conversation and special night.
Workshop: Worship & Prayer as a Weapon
Details to come!
Social Gathering
Details to come!
Workshop: Role of Women in the Church
Details to come!

Previous Workshops

Healing our Image of God (And Ourselves)
Discussion Questions:
  1. Explain where in the “concrete floating” process you are today as it relates to your image of God. (For example: Are there remaining areas to work out imperfections? Has truth been made dense? Are you prepared to further steps?)
  2. On the spectrum below, identify where you are in relation to the two lies the enemy sold Eve and is still selling those who walk with the Lord.
    • Shame: You’re not good enough as you are.
    • Judgement: You can do this on your own/you can judge for yourself.
    • Balance: Humbly knowing you are loved for one reason only, because God loves you while submitting to His ways and acknowledging that the only thing you can boast in, is the cross.
  3. There is the “you” that people see, then there is the “rest of you” that only God sees. Take some time to consider the “rest of you.” Are these things hindering your trust that God loves you as you are?

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