Parents are the primary spiritual influences in the life of a child.
In addition to our weekly KidCity and City Students gatherings, here are some of the ways Church of the City seeks to serve and support parents:

Accessible Resources

Hearing that YOU are responsible for the spiritual growth of your child can be intimidating and overwhelming. We’re here to help. Each week, children ages 2-12 will bring home a ParentCue card, which provides questions and activities to help you lead spiritual conversations with your child. In addition, we also offer resources throughout the year through our path of Family Faith Milestones. We also offer a variety of articles and recommendations through our KidCity Facebook page.

Learning Opportunities

One of the best ways parents can invest in the faith of their children is to grow their own relationship with Jesus. We believe growth happens best in community. Our hope is that every person in our church is connected to a Missional Community. These groups meet weekly throughout the year to share meals, study the scriptures and serve the city. Many groups primarily consist of families in specific life stages, which helps parents connect with others facing similar parenting challenges. Many of these groups also offer childcare at their meeting location during weekly gatherings.

Memory-Making Moments

There’s nothing like a fun and unique shared experience to bring families together. We offer a number of family events that we think will provide a special context and activities through which parents and kids can connect deeply. Keep an eye out for these special events.