It is estimated that there are more than 650,00 children living in orphanages in Haiti – each in need of the love that only a family can provide. Church of the City has partnered with MyLifeSpeaks to help provide the care that these child are in need of. MyLifeSpeaks takes orphans and provides homes for them called campus families. Within a campus family, a child will have two Haitian house parents to look after and care for them. Campus families are trained and supported, working as a team with teachers, medical care providers, therapists, and other support staff.

Every child deserves a family. Every child deserves a voice.

myLIFEspeaks is working to provide both. In Neply, Haiti, this organization is changing everything by working to create a Christ-Centered community through Orphan Care & Prevention, Education, and Public Health. By seeing first hand the benefits of children staying in their homes rather than growing up in an institution, myLIFEspeaks works to provide a variety of effective programs and services to give children and their families the best opportunity to stay together.



Mike and Missy Wilson started myLIFEspeaks in 2012 to change the way voodoo culture a ects the treatment of special needs children. As parents of a son with severe special needs, they understand the difficulties associated with caring for children with special needs. Missy and Mike live full time in Neply, Haiti with their 6 children.

Mike & Missy Wilson

Founders | myLIFEspeaks
anne marie

Anne Marie has been with myLIFEspeaks for 3 years. With over 15 years of experience in social work, she has helped create a unique program for families in the myLIFEspeaks community.

Anne Marie Stern

Orphan Care and Prevention Director | myLIFEspeaks


GO Teams

At Church of the City, we believe we are called to bring the kingdom not only to our city, but to the world. In 2018, we’ll be sending 3 separate Global Outreach (GO) teams to serve in Haiti with MyLifeSpeaks. Click below to learn more!

Haiti Info Meeting

Interested in learning more about how you can support myLIFEspeaks and the people of Haiti? Join us Sunday, May 21 at 12:30pm at Church of the City Franklin to learn more!