Learning Communities exist to connect people through a shared learning experience over a specific topic – including finances, evangelism, the Gospel, and more. These courses usually last several weeks and take place throughout the year. Check out the courses currently being offered below!

Soul Rest

4 Weeks | Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm | Begins May 15 | Co-Ed

In Pastor CZ’s soon to be released book, Soul Rest he reveals how our misaligned view of rest has its roots in an identity that is out of rhythm with God. Taking steps toward understanding Sabbath in the way that God intends can dynamically affect every aspect of our lives. This thoughtful reflection on rest calls us to the hard work of self-examination, helping us move towards a purposeful and sustainable life with Jesus.

Taught by: Curtis Zackery


Jesus & Women: In the First Century & Now

7 Weeks | Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00pm | Begins June 19

Join us for this 7-week study as we learn about how to study and appreciate the Bible as a text that was written by Middle Easterners in the Middle Eastern context, culture, language, custom, and history.

Taught by: Kristi McLelland


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