We are very excited about the opportunity to reach, serve and disciple the families in our rapidly growing city. We believe God is leading us to fully maximize the facilities that we have been given at Church of the City Franklin. The Next Level project will increase the capacity of our auditorium by 45%.

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The Next Level offering will be received in services on Sunday, December 23. To pledge, please fill out the Next Level card received in service and drop it in the offering, email us here, or give online by clicking the button below.


When will the Next Level project begin?
Construction on the Next Level project will begin in the spring of 2019 on the day after Easter.


How long will the Next Level project take?
Our general contractor estimates that this project will take 5 months to complete.


How many additional seats will the Next Level project provide?
The Next Level project will add 726 new seats to the auditorium. That’s almost 1500 new open seats each Sunday morning!


Where will we meet for service during construction?
We will still meet in the auditorium! Construction will take place during the week, and only the back section of the room will be affected. New and improved overflow spaces will also be available throughout the building during construction.


Will we be going into debt to do this?
No! We will be paying cash for this project.


Won’t we also need more parking spaces or rooms for KidCity?
Nope! Both our parking lot and KidCity spaces are large enough to accommodate the anticipated increase at weekend services.