Right in our own state of Tennessee, there are hundreds of children waiting for adoption. Other families are being led by a single parent, trying to navigate the difficulties of life the best way they know how. We get to step in and become part of the story for these children and families by raising awareness, speaking up on their behalf, and supporting foster, adoptive, and single parent families. We can change their world by welcoming them into our homes and into our families.

Last year, Church of the City launched a new adoption and foster care ministry called: Wrap Around. This ministry is designed to help birth parents, foster families, waiting families, and adoptive families on their journey. Wrap Around partners with existing community resources, continues education for families and leaders, and supports our community by meeting tangible needs.

Church of the City is excited to introduce a new Solo Parent Ministry as a part of What If? This comes out of our desire¬†for single parents to come together and receive¬†encouragement and support through a community of other solo parents. Through events, classes, and the help of others – we are able foster this kind of community so you don’t have to parent alone!