Day 21 – You were Created for Such a Time as This

We have spent 21 days in centering prayer, focusing our attentions and affections on God.  What a precious time it has been. The nearness of God is surely for our good. The kindness of the Lord truly leads us to repentance. The steadfast love of God and his beautiful presence is transformative. Taking time to behold him really does change us.  He is with us always. And His steadfast love endures forever.

“And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

– Esther 4:14

The scripture in Esther 4:14 is in reference to God positioning Queen Esther (Queen of Persia) in a place of influence so that she could speak up for the Jews who couldn’t speak for themselves. Her obedience to “her” moment in history actually saved her people from being destroyed.

Today, in the United States it is Martin Luther King Day. On this day we celebrate and think upon a life of one who lived and died to work for the Kingdom of God to be established on earth through racial equality.  

Dr. King’s life was an example of a life lived “for such a time as this.” He said, “I have a dream.” And he did. That black and white and red and brown and jew and gentile and boy and girl and all God’s children would live together in peace and unity. But the authority of his conviction was on the fact that his dream was originally God’s dream. Dr. King knew what was right.  He knew who God was and what God loves and hates. Dr. King knew when he fought for the kingdom of God, he was moving within the will of his loving father and God was with him. He was acting as a prophet, priest, and king, to co-labor with God – to establish “thy kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.” He had confidence to go up against oppression because God hates injustice and robbery.  

You are also a prophet, priest, and king. And you were chosen to be alive “for such a time as this.” It is no mistake that you have been brought to this day, to this hour. Your age, your race, your background and lineage, your skill set, your personality, your story – it is all part of this moment. God is wanting to establish and increase his kingdom of peace and love inside of you and establish it on the earth through you.

You may not be called to do something extraordinary in man’s eyes. You may not get the recognition of man. You may never step on a podium or stage. In fact, you may not be called to do it in ways that bring attention to anyone but your loving Father in heaven. Or you may be called to risk reputation, financial stability, the comforts of daily living, and even risk your life. These things are between you and God.

But what is known is this. God is sovereign. God is good. God is with you always. You are secure in God’s love. You are already seen. You are already known. You are already important, and valuable, and irreplaceable to God.  

God’s call to us not about comparison. We all belong. We all have a place. We do not need to earn God’s love or man’s praise. There is no need to be bullied by the values of a broken world, by what man sees as valuable or productive. And we all have good works to do that were set out before the foundation of the world.

This is a call to step into your time … each day … saying yes to the love of God for yourself and others … and the purposes of God that he has for you … daily … for such a time as this.

– Anthony and Mary Keith Skinner


  • Where have I said yes to dreaming with God?
  • Where have I said no to dreaming with God? Why?
  • Where have I said yes to living a life of “for such a time as this”?
  • Where have I said no to living a life of “for such a time as this”? Why?


“God wake me up to my design. Wake me up to why you have created me for this place and this time in history. Help me to embrace your dreams!”


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