Day 2 – Jesus is Man

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

– John 1:14


John’s gospel starts with the foundational truth that Jesus was in the beginning as God. But then he tells us that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. The eternal God became a man. John the Baptist cries out in John 1, “Make straight the way of the LORD”. He says, “This is him. He was after me by birth as a man but he was always before me as Yahweh!”


Before all as Yahweh. Born into history as a man. Yahweh … the maker of time and space … now born into time and space … in our time, in our town, in a family, (with siblings and cousins) … in the flesh.


For the Jewish audience, the suggestion was scandalous. The untouchable, unmentionable Yahweh, whose breath of life was holding men together, was now a human man they could touch, hold, be held by and befriend … or even shove, throw stones at, mock, and ignore. He was here breathing and speaking and living among them. God with us.


Imagine Jesus in the beginning, before time … with God, with the Holy Spirit. Now imagine Him, laying it all aside knowing that he would experience the worst of what this world has to offer: all out of love for you, your loved ones, your enemies, your neighbors, the church … for the whole world. Spend a few minutes now in quiet contemplation and focused holy imagination. As you take this time, permit your spirit to respond with a prayer, a question, or an action.


Father, thank you that you always want to be near your people. Thank you for your love, provision, guidance, and protection. You are Yahweh, the Most High, who came down! You came in truth and in glory to dwell with mankind. Jesus, though you taking flesh is so shocking, it was your plan and in your heart all along. Thank you for coming to us. Holy Spirit, let this truth of the nearness of God further prepare our hearts to receive Him. In Jesus name, Amen.


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