Day 11 – Selah (Pause)


Deep calls unto deep. Psalm 42:7  KJV



Today is Day 11. It is the midpoint of our 21 days of prayer and fasting. We have covered a lot of deep truths that can transform our hearts and the way we understand ourselves, our God, and our daily lives. We are providing instrumental music and the titles, scriptures, and prayers from Day 1-10 so that you, and the Holy Spirit, may choose how best to spend this time with your Father. You may simply let the music from the podcast wash over you as you rest in the presence of your kind king and Father.  You may want to go back over some of the past days to pursue a deeper understanding. You may want to ask God some new questions. God may lead you in prayer to a new place of revelation, healing, or deepening understanding. You may find that your heart wants to intercede for others. You may find that you want to fall in a deep sleep. God is with you in it all. He is Emmanuel.  


Enjoy your time with God.  



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