Day 19 – Sign of the Kingdom – Generosity


Acts 4:32 “They shared everything they had.”


“And all the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.” (Acts 4:32)


Where could such generosity come from? To hold all things in common?  To see resources as something to be freely shared and given away? To be in one heart and mind? And to be enjoying every minute of it!


Acts 4:32 is fruit from experiencing the presence and belonging of God.  His presence and belonging brings the revelation of the knowledge of who God is and who we are in him.  


Because we have a secure seat at God’s table, we are forever free of having to watch our own backs or prove ourselves. Instead of being orphans, we are now sons and daughters! We are seen. We are known. We are loved. We are safe. We can bring justice to places by sharing our resources and giving to all who have need. We can invite others to find their secure seat beside us.


The mind of Christ is limitless and vast with creative and redemptive solutions to all problems. The resources of God are without ration or short supply. The power of the Holy Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead and gave Him authority over heaven and earth and under the earth is now living inside of you. He conquered death and then turned to us and said, “Don’t be scared. Go do what you saw me do on earth. I am with you through the ages.”  


Let’s remove the boulders of oppression for individuals and systems and prepare the way for the Lord! Let’s create justice with the resources of our faith, our time, our reputation, our connections, our creativity, our favor, our skills, our wisdom, our finances, our compassion. We have access to the power of God for creative miracles and creative solutions. So, press in to your Good Father and find where He wants you to co-labor with Him.



We are kings and co-heirs with Christ in His kingdom. He has asked us to do what we see the Father doing and to bring His kingdom to earth. What part of the kingdom is God asking you to share?


Do you struggle with hoarding blessings, or do you freely share God’s blessings with others, knowing that you have a limitless supply of God’s goodness?


God deliver me from an “orphan spirit”, from an attitude of lack. Help me to see where you are calling me to be an Ambassador of heaven and share the blessings of Heaven.


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