Day 7 – Knowing the Names of God


“David said … I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts.” 1 Samuel 17:45


Have you ever noticed the difference you feel when someone talks about someone you have met versus someone that you have not met? The difference is dramatic. A name means nothing unless we can attach a meaning, a significance, and an understanding to the name.  God has many beautiful names. He wants you to know Him and His powerful names! God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit all have names and attributes that meet our deepest needs. He wants you to be familiar with, and even intimate with His names so that you can call upon Him.



What name of God do you need today?  


Do you feel orphaned? He is your Father!

Do you need safety? He is our Refuge and Strength!

Are you lonely? He is Emmanuel God with Us!

Do you need a friend? He is A Friend of sinners!

Do you need light? He is The Light!

Do you need a way through? He is The Way!

Are you hungry? He is The Bread of Life!

Do you feel cursed? He became The Curse for your sake!

Do you need comfort? He is The Comforter!


Find a name of God  and turn it into your own prayer. He is I AM. He is YOUR I am.



God I feel hungry. You are the Bread of Life. Fill me with your bread. Lord let me abide in your name. Help me see where I can invite you and your name into my heart and life today.


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