Day 9 – God as King.


Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

1 Tim 1:17


Today we will begin to focus on God as King. He is our Creator. He is our Father. He is good.  He is kind…and He is King!


God is King over heaven and earth. Jesus is called The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is Lord over all and yet his Lordship is one of kindness that surpasses human understanding.  He rules for ever and ever – from the Beginning to the End and from the End to the Beginning. Nothing and no time period has ever been outside of His reign and His dominion.


This thought can be overwhelming. But what seems to be the hardest part is to grasp that although He is the King of Kings…He is inexhaustibly interested in us.  


The Lord of All, is interested in all of you…not just a part of you! The same God who paints a new sunset each morning, keeps the planets spinning, is also the One who calls us his most precious creation and joyfully cares for our needs! It is not below him to help us find the perfect house, the needed job, the needed friend, to heal a painful wound from our past or present, or even remind us to make a phone call. Our Father is the King of the Universe and He is overflowing with outrageous, extravagant kindness. What a mystery, that He remains constant in his interest of the moments of our daily life! Truly, The King of Love is always wanting to come into our hearts and establish His Kind Lordship and Dominion of Peace where we will surrender to Him!  



Are you able to grasp that your Father is the King of the Universe and that He loves you, He likes you, and He longs to be with you? Are you able to come before The King as a confident child or do you feel like a beggar, a servant, or a frightened child?


Remember: God is strong enough, confident enough, patient enough, and kind enough for you and your honesty today. He wants to instruct your heart with His love.


Dear precious Jesus,

You are King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and Your love for me is without end. I call you King. Establish Your Lordship and Dominion of Peace and Good Order in me today.  


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