Right here in our community, people are struggling every day to keep their lives in balance. A car serves to get you to work, to the grocery store, to the doctor’s office and generally keeps your family moving forward. For one-car families struggling to make ends meet, the loss of a car can be devastating. The Church of the City Cars Ministry was created to provide these struggling families with reliable transportation that can make the difference in achieving financial stability and safety for their families.


Donating a car is easy. You are provided with a written acknowledgment of your donation for tax purposes. We are currently accepting cars, trucks, and vans, preferably in working condition, but please contact us with details about your car even if its not running. Prior to giving your donated vehicle to a family in need, it is repaired, test driven and inspected to ensure it is road ready. Depending on the condition, some donated cars are salvaged for parts or sold. The proceeds of which go to support the Cars Ministry. Click below to get started.


The main goal of the CARS ministry is to give a person/family a car as a “leg-up” or next step to move forward, not to enable them to stay where they are. Transportation to and from employment is often a key to someone struggling, helping them to get back on their feet. Some basic criteria is a valid TN Drivers License, TN Residence, employment or promise of employment, which will then qualify you to participate in an application interview with our CARS care team. If you are in need of a vehicle, meet the above criteria, and would like to begin the application process, contact us at cars@churchofthecity.com.


We rely on a capable volunteer team and on a staff leader to navigate the needs of the ministry. Diagnostics and major repairs are contracted out to our professional partners, but we do have a few car enthusiasts to complete light repairs and clean up the cars before giving them away. Our benevolence team conducts the qualification interview, and if within guidelines, the team makes the decision to which applicants receive cars. We rely on an additional team of volunteers for running cars and cleaning/detailing as well as other important tasks that support the ministry. To volunteer, click the button below to email us.

CARS Care Clinic

May 21, 2019 | 6-8pm

Church of the City Franklin, Room 110/121

Sponsored & facilitated by Michael Obrian of Reliable Automotive

For more information about the CARS ministry, please email us here.


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