Community Groups

Groups Next Steps

Community Groups are our way of ensuring that every person at Church of the City is known. Our hope is that every person who calls COTC home will join a community group. A community group is a small group of adults who meet together regularly in a home for the purpose of living out the vision of the church as described in Acts 2:42. Groups will share meals together, study the Scriptures together, pray together, and look for opportunities to meet the physical needs of both their members and the community around them.

Lead a Group

We believe God uses ordinary men and women to foster the type of communities we see in Acts 2. In order to shepherd the people God has entrusted us with, we need Community Group leaders who will take seriously the privilege of caring for the people in their group. While there is no specific spiritual gift or past experience required (we provide training both prior to launching your group and on an ongoing basis), please consider that this is a unique role. It requires real commitment and a desire to see people connected in community.

If you have a question regarding group leadership, but aren’t ready to fill out an application, e-mail us at [email protected].

Story – Tyler & Sallie

Doing life with those around you has the power to transform your life. See how Tyler and Sallie’s willingness to open their home to their neighbors has brought new meaning to their lives, and their neighborhood.