Assess each statement by checking the column indicating how "true" it is of you in the last 12 months.


L1 "I practice thanksgiving in all things."

L2 "I listen to and hearing God for direction and discernment."

L3 "I experience God as He really is through deepened intimacy with Him."

L4 "I rejoice regularly in my identity as "His Beloved."

L5 "I live with a passionate longing for purity and to please Him in all things."

L6 "I am consistent with the practice of self-denial, fasting, and solitude rest."

L7 "I enter often into Spirit-led praise and worship."

L8 "I am disciplined, bold and believing prayer."

L9 "I yield to the Spirit's fullness as life in the Spirit brings supernatural intimacy with the Lord, manifestation of divine gifts and witness of the fruit of the Spirit."

L10 "I practice the presence of the Lord, yielding to the Spirit's work of Christ-likeness."


W1 "I am frequently being led by the Spirit into deeper love for the One who wrote the Word."

W2 "I am a "living epistle" in reverence and awe as His Word becomes real in my life, vocation and calling."

W3 "I yield to the scripture's protective cautions and transforming power to bring life change in me."

W4 "I am humble and vulnerable in sharing of the Spirit's transforming work through the Word."

W5 "I meditate consistently on more and more of the Word hidden in the heart."

W6 "I encounter Jesus in the Word for deepened transformation in Christ-likeness."

W7 "I am living a life-explained as one of "experiencing scripture."

W8 "I am living "naturally supernatural" in all of life as His Spirit makes the written Word (logos) the living Word (Rhema)."

W9 "I am living abundantly "in the present" as His Word brings healing to hurt and anger, guilt, fear and condemnation—which are heart hindrances to life abundant."

W10 "I experience His word through implicit, unwavering trust that His Word will never fail."


P1 "I live a Spirit-led life of doing good in all of life: relationships and vocation, community and calling."

P2 "I love "startling people" with loving initiatives to "give first."

P3 "I love people by discerning the relational needs of others with a heart to give of His love."

P4 "I see people as needing BOTH redemption from sin AND intimacy in relationships, addressing both human fallenness and aloneness."

P5 "I love people by ministering His life and love to our "nearest ones" at home and with family as well as faithful engagement in His Body, the church."

P6 "I express the fruit of the Spirit as a lifestyle and identity."

P7 "I love people by expecting and demonstrating the supernatural as His spiritual gifts are made manifest."

P8 "I take courageous initiative as a peacemaker, reconciling relationships along life's journey."

P9 "I demonstrate His love to an ever growing network of "others" as He continues to challenge us to love "beyond our comfort."

P10 "I humbly acknowledging to the Lord, ourselves, and others that it is Jesus in and through us who is loving others at their point of need."


M1 "I impart the gospel and one's very life in daily activities, and relationships, vocation and community."

M2 "I express and extend the Kingdom of God as compassion, justice, love, and forgiveness are shared."

M3 "I am always championing Jesus as the only hope of eternal life and abundant living."

M4 "I yield to the Spirit's role to convict others as He chooses, resisting expressions of condemnation."

M5 "I minister His life and love to the "least of these".

M6 "I bear witness of a confident peace and expectant hope in God's Lordship in all things."

M7 "I faithfully sharing of time, talent, gifts and resources in furthering His mission."

M8 "I attentively listen to others' "story," vulnerably sharing of our "story" and a sensitive witness of Jesus' "story" as life's ultimate hope."

M9 "I pour my life into others, making disciples who in turn make disciples of others."

M10 "I live submissively within His Body, the Church as instruction and encouragement, reproof and correction are graciously received by faithful disciples."

*Survey taken from Dave Ferguson, Spirit-Empowered Discipleship


On a scale of 1 to 5 (1=Not descriptive of me; 5=Very descriptive of me) fill in the box to the right of each statement with the number that most closely describes you at this point in time. Total your answers in each column at the bottom of that column.

  • 1. My awe of God makes me feel so insignificant
  • 2. I choose to do anything God asks whether menial or prestigious
  • 3. I feel responsible to lead others to my faith
  • 4. I had my faith all together and now it has fallen apart
  • 5. My faith is clear because I've found the truth
  • 6. God is calling me to work that my ego cannot control
  • 7. I will never be good enough to warrant God's love
  • 8. I love being part of a community of like-minded believers
  • 9. I am in a darkness in which God feels distant
  • 10. I am closer to God in nature than anywhere else
  • 11. I have been given talents and I use them
  • 12. I am feeling alienated from the God I used to know
  • 13. My life is totally in God's hands
  • 14. I am facing my core fears before God
  • 15. My life was falling apart but now God is rescuing me
  • 16. I hear with God's ears, see with God's eyes, feel with God's heart
  • 17. I feel like I just discovered God for the first time
  • 18. I want to know what the right answer is when I ask spiritual questions
  • 19. I know what I believe and I think others have been misguided
  • 20. I feel success follows faithfulness in matters of faith
  • 21. I am willing to take on positions of responsibility in my faith community
  • 22. I have lost the confidence in my faith that I used to have
  • 23. I desire intimacy with God, no matter what the consequences
  • 24. God is so big and I am so small and unworthy
  • 25. I would give up everything for God
  • 26. I have learned a great deal in my faith and I have a responsibility to use it
  • 27. I feel inner peace in the middle of chaos and pain
  • 28. I am desperate to find a way out of my pain
  • 29. I am letting go of my old idea of God and finding a new one
  • 30. If the Bible says it's wrong, it's wrong.
  • 31. I am desperate to find significance in my life
  • 32. I just love to learn more about my faith/spirituality
  • 33. Like never before, I have deep doubts about my faith
  • 34. I am aware of my shadow side and hidden parts of my inner self
  • 35. I know my faith is such a confidence builder
  • 36. I am unconditionally loved by God and feel it
  • 37. I have experienced union with God
  • 38. I am experiencing God through my senses
  • 39. Only through God's grace am I able to function
  • 40. All is gift
  • 41. I feel like a hypocrite—how I behave and what I believe are so different
  • 42. I am experiencing my first glimpes of deep healing from God
  • 43. I try to do good work for God
  • 44. I am now facing a wall of resistance to healing that I've built for a long time
  • 45. I feel insufficient to ask anything from God
  • 46. It's important for me to reach the spiritual goals I set for myself
  • 47. God lives through me
  • 48. I feel uplifted by my spiritual community
  • 49. I love my enemies
  • 50. I feel like I'm chasing my tail, searching endlessly for answers
  • 51. My faith makes me a successful person
  • 52. I believe everyone can have the assurance I have in my faith
  • 53. Sometimes I feel indispensable
  • 54. I feel deep compassion for all living things
  • 55. I do God's work without expectation of recognition
  • 56. I feel lovingly detached from people who can hurt me
  • 57. I'm in a faith and life crisis and it used to be so clear
  • 58. I have been immobilized in a faith search for years
  • 59. I am up against walls which I feel I need to address
  • 60. I am afraid of God's power
  • 61. With God's grace I am avoiding situations that make me vulnerable
  • 62. I believe that I am totally loved and accepted for who I am
  • 63. I am detached from things, health, happiness
  • 64. Sometimes I get tired from all the good things I'm doing
  • 65. I have leadership gifts I am called to use
  • 66. God is leading me through the dark and I'm afraid
  • 67. I am wondering a lot about who God is and who I am
  • 68. I feel my will is being pitted against God's will and I need to face it
  • 69. I have spiritual heroes/heroines
  • 70. I know how to live out the deepest desire of my heart
  • 71. I am learning to heed and follow the advice of others
  • 72. I feel like an apprentice in my faith
  • 73. I see symbols of my faith in all things that I do
  • 74. I have a calling I would sacrifice everything for if necessary
  • 75. Faith is more questions than answers for me
  • 76. I am facing my worst fears
  • 77. I cannot measure up to God's and other's expectations
  • 78. I am experiencing the dark night of the soul
  • 79. I feel my life is nothing but questions
  • 80. I am totally faithful to God
  • 81. It is my duty to tell others what they need spiritually
  • 82. I see pain as the major opportunity for spiritual growth for myself and others
  • 83. I am losing my faith and loyalty
  • 84. I desire to be in God's will no matter what that brings
  • 85. I simply know that God is here in my life
  • 86. I have no anxiety or fear because my life is in God's hands
  • 87. I search for outside forces to understand my inner feelings
  • 88. I have just entered the journey of faith
  • 89. I am immobilized by my confusion of faith
  • 90. I am living out God's purpose in my life
  • 91. I have surrendered to a wiser, more vital Spirit
*Survey taken from Janet Hagberg & Terry Donovan, SPIRITUAL LIFE INVENTORY

Part 4 | Covenant Commitment

Please Initial next to each statement and then sign ONLY if you are truly prepared to enter into this covenant.

I understand that this Discipleship group offered by Church of the City is not intended to be counseling or therapy, & that the facilitators are not counselors.

I understand these groups are coed & that no group participant is to pursue or engage in any type of physical, emotional, or romantic relationship for the continuation of the group. No male should meet with a female 1-on-1 for any reason outside of the group.

I understand the duration of this group experience is one year, & that full participation and engagement in the group process is expected.

I understand that I will be asked to purchase & read a few books over the course of the year, as well as experiment with some individual spiritual practices apart from the gathered group experience.

I understand that participating in this group, (while invitational) is a vulnerable experience, and I commit to hold in confidence what is shared in group. I will treat what others share or experience in the group as sacred, & will not discuss these things outside of the group.

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