If you’re walking through a difficult season, navigating a challenging relationship, or experiencing a crisis, we want to to come alongside you. We’re here to listen and pray with you, as well as provide trusted resources, connect you with other ministry partners and offer support communities that meet weekly.

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We all have defining moments in our lives – challenging circumstances, relational pain and transitional seasons. How we respond and who we surround ourselves with during these times has a direct impact on our futures. Support Communities at Church of the City is ready to walk by your side through hard and difficult seasons. You don’t have to walk this road alone. Within support communities you are known, loved, cared for, pursued, encouraged, and challenged to be more like Christ. Whether it’s addiction, pornography, infertility, divorce, shame or anything in between, we are here to help you heal.


When you pray, you connect with God at a deeper level, bringing your needs and your gratitude to Him. If you have a prayer request, please let us know. Throughout the week, members of our prayer team stand ready to lift up your prayer request to God. It would be an honor to pray for you and with you.

Online Prayer Request

Submit your request for prayer online here – and your need will be lifted to God by our dedicated and confidential prayer team. 

Email Prayer Request

Submit your prayer request by emailing our prayer team by clicking below. 

Phone Prayer Request

Submit your prayer request by leaving a confidential voicemail with our prayer team. Call us by clicking below. 

Pray with a Church of the City Response Pastor

Pray with a pastor during the week by clicking below to call, between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Thursday. Ask to speak with a response pastor who will listen to your story, help discern next steps, and pray with you. 


Stop by the lounge (located down the main hallway, between KidCity and the lobby) before or after Sunday services and meet with a staff member or pastor who will pray with you.


If you are looking for a COTC officiant or Premarital Counseling, our marriage mentors want to come alongside you and help prepare you for your wedding day. 


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We, the Church, have the opportunity to wrap around birth parents, foster families, waiting families, and adoptive families on their journey. By partnering with existing community resources, continuing education for families and leaders, and supporting our church and community by meeting the tangible needs this issue presents, we can all choose to say “Yes.”

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