God hears the prayers of orphans in Malawi.

Are you part of His answer?

Church Led

Church of the City works with Capital City Baptist Church in Lilongwe, Malawi to provide compassionate care for orphans. The ministry is called ``Adziwa`` which means ``God knows`` in the local language.

Family Focused

When a parent dies, extended family members are left to raise children with very limited resources. Your gifts empower impoverished families who are caring for orphans. A family is the best environment for these orphans.

Christ Centered

At the core of ADZIWA is the Adziwa Christian Primary School, a K-8 school with a vision for educational excellence and a mission to make disciples. Almost half the students at Adziwa Christian School are Adziwa family orphans.

COTC + CCBC Partnership

Adziwa Guardian Story

Support ADZIWA

Your generous gifts express God’s love to Adziwa families.

“Many organizations have helped our poor community over the years, but there is only one organization that has truly changed our community. That organization is Adziwa Ministry.”

-Senior Chief of Kauma village, home of Adziwa Christian School

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