We, the Church, have the opportunity to wrap around birth parents, foster families, waiting families, and adoptive families on their journey. By partnering with existing community resources, continuing education for families and leaders, and supporting our church and community by meeting the tangible needs this issue presents, we can all choose to say “Yes.”

“Yes” to permanence and belonging for children;

“Yes” to wrapping around these courageous kids and families;

“Yes” to fulfilling the very role God intended for the church.

Wrap Around provides groups, events, and support services for:

  • Waiting families (in process of adoption)
  • Foster families and court-appointed advocates
  • Adoptive families

We are not all called to foster or adopt, but we are all called to care about vulnerable children. Helping foster & adoptive children & families in our area is one way to show we care. Our WRAP teams are a long-term investment in a specific family that you are assigned to through words of encouragement, relief care, acts of service, or prayer.

3 Ways To Get Involved

1. Join a WRAP Team

W | Words of Encouragement – Text, call & write letters of encouragement to families who are fostering children.

R | Relief Care – Give foster families respite through acts of babysitting, taking children out for playdates, and more.

A | Acts of Service – Providing meals, helping with housework, lawn care, and more.

P | Prayer – Spending time in intentional prayer for the foster family you are assigned.

2. Attend a PATH Training

The first step in becoming a Foster Parent with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services is to participate in the Parents as Tender Healers (PATH) classes. These classes will prepare you to meet the needs of children with histories of abuse and neglect. Click the button below for a calendar of upcoming PATH classes.

First Responders 

3. Join the First Responders Team

These are the people whom serve foster & adoptive families at the moment they receive news of a child placement with groceries, meals, clothing & light chores.

Upcoming Events

PATH Information Meeting

May 21 | 6-8PM

Location: COTC Courtyard (Entrance B)

Foster Support Group

Wrap Around invites you to “Foster Together,” a weekly support gathering for foster families. Foster parenting is hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. So join us on Monday nights beginning January 14 from 6:15PM to 8PM in Room 125 as we talk, pray, laugh, share, eat pizza and join forces to “Foster Together!”

Spring Hill Wrap-around Closet

Church of the City’s Wrap Around Closet is located at our Spring Hill location! This closet supports foster care families by providing relief through physical items. If you are in need of support, please email: wraparoundcloset@churchofthecity.com.

Church of the City is excited to partner with Tennessee Kids Belong. Click the logo below to see children who are waiting for a forever family and to learn how to get involved.

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